Environmentally Friendly

Printing that's environmentally friendly and sustainable

When it comes to printing that's good for the environment, there's a lot more to it than simply choosing recycled paper.

At Mystique, we have implemented world-class environmentally friendly printing processes to minimise our impact on the environment while maximising our output quality. In everything we do, we consider the consequences to the natural world and assess whether there's a sustainable printing alternative. This means you enjoy the highest quality printing, while doing your bit for the environment.

Just some of our green printing ways include:

  • Using vegetable-based inks in place of petroleum-based inks
  • Reducing chemical use, including isopropyl alcohol, in our printing presses
  • Installing rainwater tanks to supply water for our water-treatment processes
  • Switching Computer to Plate technology to eliminate Ultra Developer and Finisherchemicals
  • Encouraging customers to choose recycled paper
  • Reducing our waste across the business
  • Recycling, and encouraging our employees and customers to do the same

In conjunction with our sustainable partnerships with the Carbon Reduction Institute and Forest Stewardship Council, these environmentally friendly printing practices have led to signification achievements:

  • Offsetting Mystique's total carbon emissions for services and manufactured printing products
  • Steadily reducing petrol consumption to reach 50 percent of 2005-06 levels
  • Decreasing chemical use by 69 percent since 2006-07
  • Dropping waste to landfill rates by 60 percent
  • Recycling more than 87 percent of all waste items

For more information about our sustainable printing services, including to request our Sustainability Report, please contact one of our friendly team members today.