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IM by Mystique

Whether it’s a few boxes of business cards or full time management of your company’s national and international printed collateral, mystique has a warehousing solution for your business.

With state of the art facilities located in Melbourne and Sydney, mystique with the assistance of company specific online ordering systems, can tailor solutions for your business that are both convenient and cost effective.

Each client has a different goal. Whether it’s simply reducing cost, or involving the standardisation of products, better brand management or reduction in obsoletion, mystique is here to help.

Mystique runs full warehousing and distribution service for clients that include:

  • Cataloging of products
  • Online stock management tool
  • Logistics management
  • Management reporting
  • Report evaluation and
  • Recommendations for improvement based around regular monthly reviews

KPI’s are set at the start of the program and are benchmarked throughout its life to ensure the drivers set are being achieved.

Storage services are not outsourced to an external third party, instead all client printed products are stored in mystique warehouses located in both Melbourne and Sydney. This results in the client not only having control over their stock levels, but also all cost efficiencies gained are passed on directly to the client.

Deliveries are dispatched locally, interstate and internationally to dealer networks utilising the most cost effective method available via mystique’s own drivers, couriers, interstate and international couriers as well as Australia Post. No matter where or when it’s required, mystique will get your products there on time and in the most cost effective way.

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Acquisition by Mystique

Acquisition by Mystique (AM) is driven by a purpose built sourcing program designed to:

  1. Manage all specifications and supplier pricing.
  2. Create customer estimates
  3. Enhance CRM
  4. Manage production deadlines
  5. Create an easy access to current and historical data
  6. Provide relevant and powerful reports
  7. Provide a management platform for controlling cost.
  8. The program face can be personalised for every user.

Suppliers are set up in AM according to their area of expertise. Once their credentials are confirmed and suppliers are accredited, they are entered in to the system. As projects are entered in to AM, suppliers are automatically contacted via email with all of the relevant information that will allow them to create a bid.

The supplier logs in to AM using the supplied user name and passwords and submits their bid. Once the bidding timeframe has closed, bids are reviewed and based on criteria such as price, quality, service; ability to produce etc, the supplier is accepted. A purchase order is created and sent to the supplier with any other relevant information or artwork.

When any product, service or component is delivered the supplier is internally graded on project successes and a complete record is held for reference. Criteria being, delivery on time, quality as expected , presentation and so on. Those with consistently strong performances are given preference to ensure not only a competitive environment but also one with consistent levels of service and quality.

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