Offset Printing

Ideal for your large-scale eco printing needs

Think magazines, think brochures and you're thinking about offset printing. Used to produce large-scale print runs, such as thousands of brochures, offset printing uses the traditional method of pressing an inked image from a plate to a rubber blanket and onto the final surface.

Unlike digital printing, offset printing requires additional setup – creating multiple print plates –that results in a higher initial cost. But once created and the machine is up and running, it's a case of the more the merrier. The more you need printed, the more economical per item it becomes.

Mystique's offset printing allows you to choose environmentally friendly printing for all your needs including:

  • Bulk business card orders for multiple employees – ask us about our recycled paper business cards

  • Annual Reports

  • Shareholder Prospectuses

  • Consumer catalogues

  • Internal company magazines

To discuss your offset printing needs, please contact us today.

Offset Printing in Melbourne is your Best Choice for Large Orders

At Mystique we are not only concerned about sustainability, but also understand that printing needs to be affordable. With our offset printing in Melbourne we can save you money on your larger run orders. Offset printing is a different process than our digital printing; offset printing is a more traditional method of printing that uses plates and a rubber blanket to complete the printing process. For this reason offset printing is not advised for smaller orders, as it has a relatively high set up cost. Once your offset printing order is set up however the cost goes down per item, the more you buy the less expensive your offset printing will be.

This makes offset printing ideal for magazines, brochures and any other large scale printing project you may have. As with all of our printing services you can expect high quality offset printing at Mystique, our offset printing process provides a high quality product that will be ideal for all of your needs.

We offer Eco Friendly Offset Printing in Sydney and Melbourne

As with all of our printing, we are proud to offer ecofriendly offset printing. What does this mean to you the consumer? At Mystique we take pride in offering fast turnaround, low prices on your offset printing and at the same time offer ecofriendly printing.

Our offset printing offers everything you need for quality printing; we strive to offer a unique printing service that is responsive to our customers while being committed to the environment. For more information on our offset printing and to get a quote on your large order printing, contact us by phone or email today. Or you can make your offset printing order online to save you time!