At Mystique, sustainability is about more than just recycled paper and natural inks. It's about minimising environmental impact from start to finish, reducing the whole company's carbon footprint, and making environmentally friendly practices a way of life.
Minimising our environmental impact.

A highly competitive industry, what sets Mystique apart from other agencies is our ability to produce amazing results, while minimising our impact on the natural world. We do this by following environmentally friendly processes, and remaining mindful of our commitment to the environment at all times.

Reducing our carbon footprint

As the nation's first carbon neutral certified printer, Mystique leads the way for sustainability in Australia. And because every product you purchase from Mystique is 100 percent carbon neutral, you can display the Carbon Reduction Institute trademark on your printed materials to show you also care about our environment's future.

Making environmentally friendly practices the norm

Taking an ethical approach to the environment and performance are among Mystique's core values. By integrating sound environmental practices into day-to-day company operations, we are able to reduce fuel and electricity consumption, cut greenhouse gas emissions, and recycle waste.

At Mystique, sustainable printing practices will continue to be the rule, not the exception. Partnering with environmental bodies, offering green paper options, and reducing harmful chemical usage, we're continuously searching for more ways to lighten our environmental impact. It's all part of being a genuine sustainable printing company.